Wöhler RL 200 เครื่องตรวจรั่วสารทำความเย็น Refrigerant Leak Detector

Code: 0563 1550-1-1

Wohler pressure gauges and leakage testers are perfect for checking gas leaks. These measurements are a crucial step during the new installation process

Refrigerant Leak Detector


Wöhler RL 200 เครื่องตรวจรั่วสารทำความเย็น หรือ เครื่องตรวจรั่วน้ำยาแอร์ Refrigerant Leak Detector 

With its sensitivity of 3g/a, the Wöhler RL 200 refrigerant leak detector enables reliable detection of even the smallest refrigerant leaks. Developed in accordance with the strict guidelines of the F-Gas Regulation and BS EN 14624:2012, the RL 200 meets the highest standards in terms of environmental protection and technical precision.

The RL 200 is very easy to use – thanks to its digital display you always have an overview of the measured values. The automatic zero value setting makes handling even easier, so that you can concentrate on the actual task: detecting leaks in the refrigerant system. Increase the efficiency of your maintenance processes and minimise potential environmental impacts – with the Wöhler RL 200 you are well equipped.