Micronics – New Ultraflo U1000MKII-HM Clamp-on Heat Meter/Energy Meter

Code: U1000MKII-HM

Clamp-on Heat Meter Ultrasonic heat meter alternative to traditional inline energy meters, Flow Velocity Range 0.1 m/s – 10 m/s


Micronics – New Ultraflo U1000MKII-HM Clamp-on Heat Meter/Energy Meter

is a “Best Value” Clamp-on, Ultrasonic heat meter alternative to traditional inline energy meters, for energy management and billing applications in domestic and commercial, district or shared heating or cooling systems. Offering significant installation cost and dry maintenance benefits over traditional inline products.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • New: larger pipe range 2 options, fully adjustable for 22mm – 115mm and 125mm – 180mm (6″) OD
  • New: Optional Modbus RTU slave, RS485 serial. Mbus communication coming.
  • New: cross correlation flow measurement system
  • New: 1Mhz transducers to get through poor/old thick wall pipes and larger pipework
  • New: Water/Glycol option
  • Simple to install: connect power and enter the pipe inside diameter, adjust the sensors and clamp-on the pipe, no specialist skills or tools required
  • A clamp-on non-invasive alternative heat meter to traditional in-line meter installation, plus dry servicing, providing minimum downtime and maximum availability.
  • LCD with backlight – install & service information.
  • Integrated pulse output – aM&T & BEM’s compatible with Modbus.

Video : Ultraflo U1000MKII-HM Clamp-on Heat Meter

Technical Information
Measurement Technique Ultrasonic transit time method for flow measurement and PT100 Class B 4 wire for temperature measurement.
Turn Down Ratio 200:01
Heat Meter Standard The Heat/Energy calculation is designed to comply with EN1434 section 6
Accuracy +/-1-3% of flow reading for >0.3 m/s (1 ft/s)
Flow Velocity Range  0.1 m/s – 10 m/s (0.3 ft/s – 32 ft/s)
Pipe Range Available in 2 options, 22 mm – 115 mm and 125 mm – 180 mm (6″) OD. Note pipe size is dependent on pipe material and internal diameter.
Pipe Material Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic and Copper
Water Temp Range  0°C – 85°C (32°F – 185°F)
Temperature sensors Clamp-on PT100 Class B 4 wire, range 0°C – 85°C (32°F – 185°F) , resolution 0.1°C (0.1 °F). Minimum delta T 0.3°C
Output Pulse or Frequency. Pulse for volume flow and Energy KWh (BTU). Frequency for flow rate. The pulse output can be configured as a loss of signal or no flow alarm. Modbus Communication: Optional Modbus RTU slave, RS485 serial link hardware layer. Energy, power, temperature and flow. Modbus connection cable is 1 m. Mbus Communication: Pending
External Power Supply 12V-24V +/- 10% AC/DC at 7 watts per unit. Optional plug in 12 V power supply.
Electronics Enclosure IP54
Input/Output Cable 5 m x 6 core for power in and pulse out
Dimensions 250mm x 48mm x 90mm (10″x 2″x 4″) (electronics + guide rail)



Download File : U1000MKII-HM


Download File : U1000MKII-HM Manual