Hioki-FT3424 LUX METER – Instrumentasia

The FT3424 is a light meter designed for an extensive range of applications involving illumination equipment, lighting work and facility management.


• Compatible with LED lighting
• Complies with DIN 5032-7:1985 class B and JIS C 1609-1:2006 general AA class
• Timer hold function lets you make measurements in remotelocations while avoiding the effects of
shadows and reflections
• Save up to 99 measured values in the instrument’s internal memory and transfer them to a computer later for                   improved work efficiency


Classification DIN 5032-7: 1985 class B
JIS C 1609-1: 2006 general AA class
Light receiving element Silicon photo-diode
Display Display: 4 digit, 2000 count LCD
Display unit: lx (lux)
Display update rate: 500 ms ±20 ms
Range selection Auto/Manual
Linearity ±2% rdg. (Multiply by 1.5 for display values in excess of 3000 lx.)
Accuracy Temperature: ±3% rdg.
Humidity: ±3% rdg.
Response time Auto range: within 5 seconds, Manual range: within 2 seconds
Interfaces USB2.0
Power requirement AA/LR6 alkaline battery ×2, R6 Manganese battery ×2, USB bus power 5 V DC
Dimension/ Weight 78 x 170 x 39mm/ 320g

Measurement ranges
Range Measurement range Display steps
20 lx 0.00 lx to 20.00 lx 1 count step
200 lx 0.0 lx to 200.0 lx 1 count step
2000 lx 0 lx to 2000 lx 1 count step
20000 lx 00 lx to 20000 lx 10 count step
200000 lx 000 lx to 200000 lx 100 count step